Term Definition
Block A group of commands inside braces (sometimes synonymous with Scope)
Builder A command for creating a 3D mesh out of one or more 2D paths
Color An RGBA color to be applied to a mesh or vertex
CSG Constructive Solid Geometry - adding or subtracting meshes to make new shapes
Function A named, parameterized block that returns a value
Geometry A collective term for 2D or 3D shapes produced using ShapeScript
Group A group of paths or meshes. May also contain nested groups
Half-turn The unit used to specify angles or rotations in ShapeScript
Material A color or texture
Mesh A 3D shape made of polygons
Member A single component of a compound value like a vector or tuple
Path A line or curve in 3D space. May be open-ended or closed
Primitive A simple, built-in shape like a cube or sphere
Range A numeric range with a start, end and step value
Scope A section of code with its own symbol namespace
Symbol A named constant value or function
Texture An image map to be wrapped around a mesh
Transform A combined translation, rotation and scale
Translation A relative or absolute position or offset in 3D space
Tuple A list of values that can be accessed with .first, .second, etc.
Vector A position, direction or distance in 3D space