Welcome to ShapeScript. ShapeScript is a 3D modeling program for people who don’t like 3D modeling programs.

Instead of haphazardly dragging polygons and vertices around in a GUI, ShapeScript lets you define your models precisely using code. No math or art skills are required - ShapeScript does all the work for you.

The ShapeScript app includes a parser for a simple language (also called “ShapeScript”). ShapeScript (the language) is a cross between a markup language and a programming language.

You don’t need to be a programmer to use ShapeScript. If you have ever worked with any kind of structured text like JSON or HTML then it should come naturally. But if you do have experience with programming, then you can apply those skills to create even more complex models by using loops, functions and variables to procedurally generate geometry.

ShapeScript is available to download for free from the Mac and iOS App Stores:

Mac App Store App Store

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